Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Etsy Item Of The Day

Thank you Jackie for featuring our mural wall decals today. 

Hip Mural Wall Decal

Item: Circle Chain Wall Decal
Seller:  WallStarGraphics

Modern Circle Chain Mural Wall Decal 300x233 Hip Mural Wall Decal
I was so excited to see WallStarGraphics come my way via an Etsy Item of the Day shop submission! WallStarGraphics has tons of wall decals that are themed around organic, botanicals, trees, landmarks, music, urban chic, trendy, mid century modern and geometrics!
I was loving the geometrics and cool murals featured in this shop, and my favorite is the decal pictured above.

Wall Star Graphics® was created in 2009 to give budget conscious homeowners or those with limited decorating freedom, an easy way to redecorate a room in a matter of minutes,” the seller told me in the shop submission page.  ”We have taken our passions for music, design and fashion and incorporated them into a line of cutting edge wall graphics that speak to your lifestyle.  Wall Star Graphics® line of contemporary wall decals adds instant glamour to any room. We specialize in modern, hip and edgy graphics to fit your lifestyle!

The seller behind WallStarGraphics has some great advice for other Etsy sellers:

It requires your attention. Don’t list items and then forget about your store,” the seller told me.  ”For me, I never lose sight of the fact that my online store is very much like any retail brick and mortar store you would go to shop. You need to keep the look fresh by frequently listing new items and rearranging items to give customers a reason to want to return.

So what’s coming up next for WallStarGraphics?

We just recently received an Official Collegiate License to sell University of Oregon wall decals. We’d like to expand that and be able to offer to other schools,” the seller said.

If you’re loving WallStarGraphics, you can learn more by visiting the shop’s website, the Etsy.com shop, check out the Facebook page, or follow along on Twitter @WallStarGraphic.
- Jackie